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Jianjin Xu

I am a Ph.D. in Robotics student at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy working with Prof. Fernando. Before that, I obtained a master's degree at Columbia University working with Prof. Changxi Zheng, and a bachelor's degree at Tsinghua University working with Prof. Xiaolin Hu. I am also an alumnus of RDFZ graduated on 2015. My research interest lies in in the generative world of deep learning, such as understanding and improving generative models, text-to-3D generation, and virtual avatar generation. Feel free to reach out to connect or collaborate!

Email: xujj15 at gmail dot com


Personalized Face Inpainting with Diffusion Models by Parallel Visual Attention

Jianjin Xu, Saman Motamed, Praneetha Vaddamanu, Chen Henry Wu, Christian Haene, Jean-Charles Bazin, Fernando de la Torre
WACV 2024
Paper  •   Code and Dataset Release

PATMAT: Person Aware Tuning of Mask-Aware Transformer for Face Inpainting

Saman Motamed, Jianjin Xu, Chen Henry Wu, Fernando De la Torre
ICCV 2023

Paper  •   Code

Extracting Semantic Knowledge from GANs with Unsupervised Learning

Jianjin Xu, Zhaoxiang Zhang, Xiaolin Hu
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

Webpage  •   Paper  •   Code

Linear Semantics in Generative Adversarial Networks

Jianjin Xu, Changxi Zheng
International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2021)

Webpage  •   Paper  •   Code

Semantic Controllable Image Generation in Few-shot Settings

Jianjin Xu, Changxi Zheng
Thesis submitted for Master of Science in Computer Science, Columbia University
Thesis  •   Slides

Manuscripts and Projects

Frame Difference-Based Temporal Loss for Video Stylization

Jianjin Xu, Zheyang Xiong, Xiaolin Hu
Webpage  •   Paper  •   Code

Neural Painter: Smart Image Editing with Simple Line Drawings

Jianjin Xu, Yuekai Jia, Mingyang Kou, Xiaolin Hu
3rd Prize in Tsinghua University 36th Challenge Cup (清华大学第36届挑战杯三等奖)
Webpage  •   Tech Report (Chinese)  •   Slide (Chinese)  •   Code

Interactive Editing in Aesthetic Painting

Jianjin Xu, Yan Kong, Cunjun Zhang
Project as a part of Aesthetic Painting Generation System (ACMMM'18)


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